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Hello! Welcome to Bows and Clothes by Din-Din. My real name is Adrianne. Din-Din came from my nephew, apparently Adrianne is a hard name for toddlers to say and it came out Din-Din. Which of course stuck. I suppose it could be worse. My younger sister was ended up with the name Dingy when our nephew couldn't say Angie, so I can't complain about Din-Din too much! I am wife to my sweet Bobby and mommy to my dear Morgan, who is now 8 years old and Goose, our beloved coonhound. As you can see by my website, I LOVE making appliqué designs! I started out about 7 years ago with a bottom of the line brother embroidery machine and software. At the time, I didn't know people bought embroidery designs, I thought everyone made their own. After an email from someone asking where I got a backpack appliqué, I found out very few people make embroidery designs. And even fewer make good designs and sell them at a low price! And shortly after that realization, www.bowsandclothes.com was created! I LOVE what I do! I spend most of my time making new designs, sending out emails, and working on my website. Occasionally I get to play with my own embroidery machine for something besides test stitching, but most of my time is spent on Macbook so I can offer the best designs! My goal is to sell the cutest designs, the biggest variety, the best quality, and all at the lowest price. I love hearing from my customers so please send me your comments, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, and even your (politely written) complaints! Feedback helps me offer you what you want most! If I don't know it, I can't make it or change it! So please look around my site and find some designs you can't live without! Thanks for stopping by! --Din-Din

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