Product Description

All designs will download instantly after payment! Design files are downloaded as a zip file. You will need to be able to open the zip file and extract the files you need for your embroidery machine. You will also need the software/hardware to transfer the design to your embroidery machine in order to use this file. The zip file will contain the above machine formats each insides its own folder This is a 95% done in the hoop project with only a small 1 1/2 inch hole to be stitched up by hand. This stuffie is made for the 5×7, 6×10, and00mmx240mm mb4 hoop so it is rotated sideways. The eyelashes are SEPARATE colors so you can make a boy version by omitting those steps! Includes step by step picture instructions. This requires regular stuffing/batting and can be made of most any fabric, but I find the stretchy kind easiest to work with. This stuffie is made with two hoopings. One hooping is done making the arms, legs, ears, and tail, the other hooping makes the body and the pieces go inside so when you turn it right side out the little pieces come out. Since the pieces are lightly stuffed and fabric can be thick, if your machine does not do well with thick sewing, i suggest using very thin fabric such as cotton or velour instead of plush fabric and slow your machine down while stitching. Please be sure your machine can go through several layers of fabric before purchasing this file as it will be thick in some areas.