Set of 5 Blank Hand Sanitizer Case- Snap in back


Hoops: 5X7

Product Description

All designs will download instantly after payment! Design files are downloaded as a zip file. You will need to be able to open the zip file and extract the files you need for your embroidery machine. You will also need the software/hardware to transfer the design to your embroidery machine in order to use this file. The zip file will contain the above machine formats each insides its own folder.

This is an IN THE HOOP hand sanitizer case design that can be made completely in the hoop, there is no extra sewing needed.

Includes 5 sizes so hopefully as the brands/types change, you always have a size to work with your type of sanitizer.  Shown is the 5 brands/sizes I used on the different cases.

The tab is .7 inches wide so most standard key chains and clasps will fit on the tab.

These are all made so the snap goes in the back of the case.  The front of the case (the side that is up on your machine so you can monogram/embroider on it if you have software to merge and other designs) is the larger part with the tab connected.  The back has the pouch with the snap where you close the sanitizer inside.

Requires snap pliers and snaps, any stabilizer, and felt or vinyl or other non-fraying fabric.  The Kam Snap pliers DO work great! The Kam Snap Press will NOT work as the base is too large to fit inside the case.