Hello! Welcome to Bows and Clothes by Din-Din. My real name is Adrianne. Din-Din came from my nephew, apparently Adrianne is a hard name for toddlers to say and it came out Din-Din. Which of course stuck. I suppose it could be worse. My younger sister was ended up with the name Dingy when our nephew couldn’t say Angie, so I can’t complain about Din-Din too much! I am wife to my sweet Bobby and mommy to my dear Morgan, who is now 8 years old and Goose, our beloved coonhound. As you can see by my website, I LOVE making appliqué designs! I started out about 8 years ago with a bottom of the line brother embroidery machine and software. At the time, I didn’t know people bought embroidery designs, I thought everyone made their own. After an email from someone asking where I got a backpack appliqué, I found out very few people make embroidery designs. And even fewer make good designs and sell them at a low price! And shortly after that realization, www.bowsandclothes.com was created! I LOVE what I do! I spend most of my time making new designs, sending out emails, and working on my website. Occasionally I get to play with my own embroidery machine for something besides test stitching, but most of my time is spent on Macbook so I can offer the best designs! My goal is to sell the cutest designs, the biggest variety, the best quality, and all at the lowest price. So please look around my site and find some designs you can’t live without! Thanks for stopping by! –Din-Din